Magic Halloween Legends

As one of the favorite holidays for children, Halloween is approaching. Over time, the meaning of Halloween gradually changed. As this traditional festival comes to be more festive, the monsters and pictures which were the symbol of traditional Halloween have become more and more cute and quirky appearance also. So the pumpkin monsters and many other queer attires are coming out.

Most Americans who are fond of showing their creativities are trying to dress like ghosts in this day so as to make Halloween a much more entertaining festival. Have you get an exactly or profound understanding on the history and origin of Halloween after celebrating it for so many years? Here I just would like to dedicate this article which is telling about the Halloween legends for the upcoming Halloween.

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Halloween Legends First Version

Different editions of the legends on the origin of the Halloween were spread out these years. The most recognized version currently is the one which said the Halloween must be originated from the ancient Western Europe before the birth of Christ. In their imagination, the Ireland, Scotland and Wales should all be contained in the ancient Western Europe boundary. And the human beings lived there should be called Druids.

It said that the first day of November is the New Year of Druids. So the Druids would ask the young to gather together at New Year’s Eve. And the young were asked to wear various kinds of grotesque masks and carry the carved radish lamp to wall through the whole village. It also said that the pumpkin lights were the late custom since there was no pumpkin in ancient Western Europe.

This action could be range in to a kind of harvest celebration. However, this action was also called as the “Ghost festival”. It is said that the soul of the dead would visit at the Halloween. And the living people should let the ghosts see the successful harvest and entertain with hearty presentation. It said that all the fire and lights were used to scare away and light up the lines for the ghosts so as to guide their return.

In medieval Europe, there had been the history that Christianity destroyed the infidels. But ritual celebration of New Year’s Eve never really eliminated. It just presented in witchcraft form to instead. This is the reason why there are witch’s broom, black cats, and the spell being left right now.

Halloween Legends Second Version

Now let see the second version of halloween legends. The legend began from the Catholic Church in Europe two thousand years ago. It designated the November 1st as “ALL HALLOWS DAY”. The HALLOW here just stands for the saints. It said that the Celtics lived in Ireland and Scotland in 500 BC move forth this festive for one day, so it becomes the October 31st. They believed that this day is the formal end of the summer day, which also means the beginning of harsh winter.

At that time people believed that the soul of a deceased person would return to former home on this day to find himself a living creatures for regeneration. It’s said that this is the only hope of the dead to obtain regeneration. The living dead who are afraid to be seize by the souls would put out the fire, candlelight and any light on this day. So the soul can not find the living people for regeneration. They would also dress up as demons and ghosts to scare away the soul of the dead. After that they would ignite the fire candle to start the new year of life.

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