Scary Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular days on the calendar for parties and family gatherings. Halloween costumes play a big part in the look and feel of any Halloween party. Everyone will want to choose their own costume of course. Children have a wide choice of costumes to choose from, ghoulish characters to cartoon characters and superheros. Of course mum and dad should get in on the act as there are plenty of men’s and ladies fancy dress costumes.

Smoke machines and background music is available in local stores and online, and will add another dimension to your event. Party games are a most important ingredient and can be made as scary as you would like, although if very young children are present should it be use with some caution.

Halloween Games are all part of making a good party, Great!

The Brain Game

Older kids will love the brain game. A popular game that involves picking through a rubber “brain” to figure out what’s in it. It is available in some stores and you may find it online but there’s nothing stopping you from making one yourself. Make some jelly and fill it with a variety of items, like sticky worms and sweets, some small trinkets and other small items. Tell the children to dig around in the bowl of jelly. You can call it a ‘Brain’, this will make it more interesting.

It’s sloppy, sticky and messy, and of course and kids will absolutely love it.

The Spaghetti Game

Make sure the children are wearing a smock or play clothes before playing this game as they are likely to get in one big mess. Make a big bowl of spaghetti and fill it with all kinds of items, like plastic bugs, gummy worms and other items that might feel a bit strange. Make the children feel around in the bowl of spaghetti and identify the items they feel. Once they are done and cleaned up, have them list as many items as they can remember.

Whoever gets the most items correctly listed (and right) gets a prize.

Halloween Grub

Your halloween party would not be complete without plenty of good grub. A garden barbecue would be a good idea and the menu could also include foods with names that reflect the halloween party theme, such as ‘hot devilish soup’, ‘devilish red cabbage’, ‘red spooky spuds’ and any other spooky names you can think of.

The Author Michael Aucoin is an Internet Marketeer who has built many successful businesses online and offline, and currently is working in the leisure and home entertainment industry. Halloween and Fancy dress have always been among his most popular interests and he now continues to expand his business in the UK and the USA

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